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About the Project


About Me

Hi, I am Andra. In a professional context I am the link between the business and people, always with a heart for people and an eye for business growth. Outside my job, I am the mother of two awesome girls, fundraiser and the biggest fan of volunteering youngsters. Recently I have decided to embark the journey of becoming a writer, but found myself privileged to become a confident for all the ones that choose to share their story. Let me tell you how it all begun and what I aim for through this wonderful project!


A bit of context

The idea of this book came to me whe, in a weeks time, I have found myself speaking, in diffrent situations, to more than 10 people about how unhappy they are at work. Deepdiving in the topic, I was finding out that their unhapiness was given by the way they were treated by their direct managers. They could not understand what was the value they brought to the company, nor their role in the organisation, but most important they were feeling like they didn't matter. I was talking to people from companies ranked as "cool" in the market, companies witch I have always admired as an HR professional for their care for their employees well-being, constantly updating employees benefits lists, acording to the market's trend.


The question that started it all

"Through longer and longer benefits lists and organisational cultures carefully nurtured, what does a Romanian employee really want?"



To answer my question I will interview in the following months 1000 employees from the private companies in Romania, about what they really want versus what they get from their managers and organisations.



To gather a list of "best practices" for aspiring or developing Managers and "not that great "practices for those of us that like to learn from other people's mistakes, in a few pages meant to guide Leaders towards success alongside their teams.



Want to Contribute?


Share your story

If you've had a Manager that influenced your career and want to share, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Market your business

Wanna offer to the ones sharing their story discounts to your company's products or services? Let's do it!

Host an Interview

Can you help Bosses vs Leaders with a location to host the interviews? Perhaps more than that? Yeyy!!! Let's talk